24 Hours In Nashville: Work Hard, Play Hard


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Chad Ivie is an MTSU alumnus and Director of Global Corporate Development for Tile Incorporated.

Why is Chad lovin’ Nashville right now?

I am loving Nashville right now for a couple of reasons. When I came here in 1996, Nashville was not an entrepreneurial city. However, over the past 5 years, Nashville has turned into this city that presents opportunities for those who have the right mindset to assess different markets and enter them. Nashville has brought a ton of venture capitalists to the city. Our e-commerce has increased because there are people coming to the city with money in their pocket ready to invest. Moving away from the business side, Nashville is also a great place with tons to do with your family, kids, or friends. These opportunities weren’t here before. Now, in the same night, I can go out and be a family man and then hang with my friends later. There is always going to be something to do in Nashville.


Because Tile is based in California, a lot of the people I meet with for work will come to Nashville, and one of the things that I love about Nashville is the access to the airport. Usually, the person will fly in and meet me at the WeWork office space for our meetings. WeWork is great because we are right in the heart of downtown.


After my meetings are over, I like to go to Urban Grub. It’s right in South Nashville and still close enough to get back to downtown with no problem. I just went there last week and met with a former colleague for some great conversation and great food. Everyone loves Urban Grub for their shrimp + grits, but I recommend the lamb chops. They are amazing, and I try to get them whenever I can.


After lunch, I can head back downtown to go to the cigar bar. Monte Cristo is normally my favorite spot, but if you’re looking for a more relaxed and chill vibe, I suggest Primings Cigar Lounge + Bar. It has a really cool ambiance, and it’s a good place to get away from large crowds. It’s the perfect place to just sit, enjoy a drink, and think.


Zanies is so underrated! If you go, definitely get the VIP ticket and sit on the floor. You will for sure go there to see some top tier comedy. I just saw Cory Holcomb, and he was hilarious. Exit/In is also great for every hip hop fan. Shows are usually standing room only and you can see a great 2-hour show on a random night and for not a lot of money. These places aren’t new, but they’re definitely forgotten gems in the city.

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