24 Hours In Nashville: Keeping An Active And Healthy Lifestyle


Terrence D. Brooks is the Head of Sales at Google Fiber Nashville, a husband, father and an Atlanta native.

Why is Terrence lovin’ Nashville right now:

I moved from Chicago 11 years ago, and Nashville was not the place it is today. I love seeing the growth of the city turn to a more cosmopolitan area that has so much to offer. You can especially see this with major technology firms, like Google and others making significant investments in Middle Tennessee as an acknowledgement of the talent, business and cultural opportunity here. It’s heart-warming to know that our community service work is having an impact through a partnership with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee Y-CAP Programs.

I also love seeing and meeting the many people who have moved to Nashville. While the influx of people can bring some challenges, it also shows how attractive this city is and how people are willing to make such a big life change to experience what we know and love about Nashville. I also love meeting the locals who were born and raised here. Their stories about how the city has evolved in their lifetime are really fascinating.

Being active is all I know. July 2018, I suffered a heart attack that came out of nowhere and required bypass surgery. However, I knew I didn’t want this to affect my active lifestyle.


Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle is important to me, and I like to start my days with some meditation and beginning a workout by 6 a.m.. During the week, I go to my trainer at Lean Nashville. Listening to the latest audiobooks from Devon Franklin, David Goggins or Charlamagne Tha God provide the motivation needed to power through workouts. On weekends, I meet up with a dads group from my son’s school for a jog around Percy Warner Park. I typically follow that with a smoothie from The Urban Juicer at the Hill Center in Sylvan Heights.


My afternoons are typically filled with errands and yard work, but I love going to the movies when I can. I recently saw Avengers: Endgame with my son. I also walk or jog the greenway in my neighborhood when I can. For lunch, my good friend’s new restaurant Hathorne is a favorite.


I think any ideal evening has to include a good dinner and a show. If I’m downtown, that includes Oak Steakhouse in the Westin and a show at the Ryman. Rudy’s Jazz Room in the Gulch is place for a great show. We saw Charles ‘Wigg’ Walker there during a special Black History Month performance this year, and there’s nothing else like it in Nashville.

Late Night

As an introvert who is married to an extroverted social butterfly, we have the occasional late night out where I enjoy sipping on a great tequila. Don Julio Real is my go-to, but locally, TC Craft’s Extra Añejo is excellent, and I’ll sometimes sip Belle Meade Bourbon when I want to switch it up. And it’s hard to beat the Asian Ahi Tuna Salad at J. Alexander’s and the Key Lime Pie dessert from Bricktop’s. Most late nights, though, I’m home with my wife watching some great shows like Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, Lebron James’ The Shop: Uninterrupted or clearing the DVR library of shows from YouTube TV.

Being active is all I know. I’ve completed 11 half marathons and competed in a couple of cross fit competitions. In July 2018, I suffered a heart attack that came out of nowhere and required bypass surgery. However, I knew I didn’t want this to affect my active lifestyle. It’s important to keep grinding for what you want in life. For me, that means eating and living healthy, and I’ve been determined to get back at it, keep pushing and not let that life event derail me.


I’m a big sneakerhead and have about 15 pairs of shoes in my current active rotation. My latest pick-up were the 30th Anniversary edition of the Jordan Retro 4, and I plan to visit Rooted for a couple of new additions soon. I’m also a big car guy, and my dream car is a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet with white exterior, red leather interior with a black optics kit. That’s a little more on the high end, so I may stick to sneakers for now.

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