24 Hours In Nashville: From A Local Getting Reacquainted With The City


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Tracel Lockhart is the owner and CEO of T. Lock Solutions, a software management and support company, supporting behavioral health providers across the United States.    

Why is Tracel lovin’ Nashville right now?

I’ve been in Nashville for about 10 years. I moved her to attend Lipscomb University for graduate school. I took a brief hiatus from Nashville and moved to Atlanta in 2018 but quickly came back last year. I’m loving Nashville because I am getting a chance to get reacquainted with the city. Even in that short amount of time that I was gone, Nashville has become so different. I love the culture, the creative spaces, and of course, the music. In recent years, Nashville has become a health care industry capital. Being an entrepreneur in the healthcare space, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.        


In the morning, I find myself trying really hard to break up the munatiny of working from my kitchen counter, so I like to work in cool, new coffee shops that I find. However, I am very addicted to iced White Bison mochas! One of my newest favorite spots would be The Poindexter in The Graduate Nashville. It’s so chic and cozy. It gives me “lady boss” vibes with all of the pink decor. It feels really glamorous and it’s inspiring. You also get to meet all types of new people checking into the hotel or people just hanging out in the cafe themselves. Then, I like to head over to The Entrepreneur Center to take advantage of their resources and gain inspiration from being surrounded by so many aspiring entrepreneurs .   


With me just moving back to Nashville, this place is new to me, but maybe not to some who have been here longer, but I really like Liberty Common. It’s a French and Southern comfort food restaurant in Downtown Nashville. It has really nice decor and a great atmosphere. You typically see a lot of people there for business meetings or who work in the business spaces near Downtown, so it’s great for networking too because you never know who you’ll bump elbows with. Also, their Macaroni & Cheese Gratin is to die for! They also have a really cute patio that I think would be nice in the summer and spring.      


I like to destress with some type of physical fitness and everyone loves a good dance cardio class. My favorite is called Body Beat by Candice. We start every session with prayer and she’s very focused on the holistic health of a person. She caters to the mind, body, and spirit. It definitely makes a difference in the energy I have. Also, it’s nice to be around a great group of women who are ready to support each other along our fitness journeys. On the weekends, I like hanging out at Rudy’s Jazz Room. It’s a really nice and quaint location that’s very different from the traditional view of Nashville with its honky-tonks. It’s a little gem that I feel like people aren’t aware of.     

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