24 Hours In Nashville: From A Tech-Savvy Local

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Karen Williams is the founder and CEO of MinTech Agency, a diversity tech recruiting and staffing agency, providing equal opportunities for minorities to enter the tech field and move into management levels and beyond. 

Why is Karen lovin’ Nashville right now?

I’m loving the growth in Nashville. There are tons of new businesses, especially black owned businesses. I’m originally from Memphis, so I’m not used to being in such a tourist and metropolitan city. I’m definitely loving the vibe for entrepreneurship and I’m finding that being in Nashville right now opens so many doors for communication and connection with others. 


I love to start the day at the Entrepreneur Center. While I’m there I love going to Red Bicycle Coffee. It’s a cool cafe in the Entrepreneur Center, but they have other locations in Germantown and in The Nations. It’s a comfortable vibe and a great place to get work done. It’s also a good place for meeting new people. 


My afternoons are all about networking. I usually spend a portion of the day going to events at the Nashville Black Chamber or at the Nashville Tech Council. The Tech Council has networking events all the time. I am also on their diversity committee seeing that MinTech Agency is all about diversity in the tech field. I really enjoy working with them. My ideal spot for a networking happy hour would be Pinewood Social since it’s right next to the Entrepreneur Center and has a comfortable vibe.  


Tansuo is my go-to. They are so good! I go with my husband all the time. Everything on the menu is amazing, but the dim sum options are my favorite. They have really tasty appetizers and they’re super filling. Also, if you ask in advance, they have a huge duck that they prepare and present to your table. Recently, I went to House of Cards and that was a really cool experience. It’s a restaurant with pretty good food but there’s also a magic show happening while you’re there. Definitely suggest checking it out.     


I love everything rooftops in Nashville. My go-to is Bobby Hotel, of course. They have the igloos set up during the colder months for you to hangout and drink. An ideal end to the night is getting under one of the igloos with some friends and hanging out. 

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