24 Hours In Nashville: From A New Business Owner Bringing Joy To Her Work

Jasmine Dary is the owner of Twisted Corks, a private wine tasting service that gives people an arena to learn about wine in a comfortable space and travel the world through a glass.

Why is Jasmine lovin’ Nashville right now?

I fell in love with the city when I started working here. I have had the opportunity to put on some of Nashville’s biggest wine tasting events through my corporate job. Because of that, I have been able to experience Nashville in a really special way. Nashville is cool because it has a small town feel but still has enough going on to feel like you don’t have to travel somewhere else to have fun. There is still a local vibe even with people traveling here everyday. It creates balance. There are classic places that people visit where you will find locals and familiar faces but then you have places like Broadway, Downtown, or the Opry that will attract people from all over the world. It’s a lot of opportunity for growth, but there is also a great support system that the locals have really created. It’s a place that I can call home, and I feel like I can stay here forever. 


My mornings typically start with work. Since starting a new business, I have become a little bit of a workaholic. However, since I work so much now, I like to work in places that bring me joy. The Entrepreneur Center is really where I got my start in business. It’s a co-working space with programs that help build and grow businesses, so I really enjoy working out of there. If I want to do something different, I will go to one of my favorite coffee shops. Dose Coffee and Tea, specifically the West End location, is a great place for me to have my meetings or to just get away for a bit.     


I love TRILUNA Wellness. They do meditation and yoga events and I catch it as often as I can because I definitely need it. I would even love to go there more often and take time for myself. They’re very intentional in what they do and every person on their staff is really amazing. They have a particular event that they host pretty often called Yoga At The Garden. It’s really cool because it’s at the Gardens of Babylon in the Farmers Market, so it’s really nice being there. 


I love working out, so I always try to go to the gym at some point during the week. If it’s a Monday, I will go to MADE Fitness. It’s a really great place to work out and very family oriented. People exercise as a group and support each other which I really love. My favorite trainer there is my husband, Nate Dary. He teaches a Monday night class called Athletic Essentials that brings out my inner athlete. After I’ve worked up an appetite and want a glass of wine, I will go to Barcelona Wine Bar. It’s one of my favorite wine bars in the city. The staff really knows a lot about wine and they have a great selection. On Mondays, they have half priced bottles of wine. They also have an amazing happy hour.  


I like to take people to 21c Museum Hotel for their 24/7 art gallery. All of the art is made in the 21st century, so all of the artists are still living. You can follow them on Instagram and other social media to keep up with them which is really cool. 

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