24 Hours In Nashville: From A Local Who Loves World Travel


Valery is a Nashville project manager and currently on a 6 month adventure around the world. Follow her adventures here

Why Valery is lovin’ Nashville right now:

Nashville is morphing and changing into one of the greatest cities in the nation. I am loving Nashville right now because it is also making a name for itself worldwide! I am currently traveling on a 6 month round the world adventure, and it warms my heart to A) learn that people know Nashville exists (in my early days of international travel, people I encountered were usually only familiar with cities like New York, LA, and Miami) and B) learn that people worldwide have positive feelings about Nashville and Tennessee in general (often they comment about their love of country music or Jack Daniels). It’s a great time to travel and represent my home, Nashville, TN!


My ideal morning starts with a mind-clearing, feel good workout at Club Pilates in Belle Meade. The instructors are great, the classes are small and the members are welcoming. I always leave knowing that I have done something wornderful for my body and ready to tackle the day!


Afternoon brunch in Nashville is the absolute best! After a hard workweek and weekend partying, a great afternoon brunch helps me recharge. Sinema is a brunch spot that is high on my list. The bottomless brunch is the way to go. The seemingly endless options range from freshly made grilled paninis, fried chicken, biscuits, homemade jams, gravy, cooked to order omelettes, and all the usual suspects like scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and ham. Oh and that’s not all. Their bottomless brunch also includes a bottomless Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar. Cheers!


During the evenings (especially summertime evenings), I enjoy trying new restaurants with friends, learning about and trying new foods and drinks during the numerous food and beer/wine festivals, and attending sporting and music events. One of my favorite restaurants at the moment is Chauhan Ale and Masala House, a unique Indian cuisine dining experience plus their weekly happy hour is a must try.

Late Night

Since I am a night owl, I really enjoy late nights in Nashville including time high above the city at the downtown rooftop bars,  I say start with Acme Feed & Seed to catch views of the town while dancing the night away. When I have a partner in crime who wants to venture outside of the normal watering holes, I head to East Nashville to see what’s new across the river.


Nashville is a great place to meet new people and network! I have recently enjoyed participating in Lady Lunch Club events where I have met other professionals and entrepreneurs. I encourage people to check out them out to learn about their next event.



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