24 Hours In Nashville: From A Family With A Budget-Friendly Turn Up


The Hale’s are the owners of kB Coins, a first financial education program for families.

Why The Hale’s are lovin’ Nashville right now:

In a city that caters to bachelorettes, transplants, hipsters and “country music lovers”, it can be difficult to plan an affordable and fun family outing. Thankfully, no one knows Nashville-hacks like native Nashvillians, so here’s a peak into my family’s budget-friendly, family outing for almost any day of the week. Our ideal 24 hours in Nashville must involve physical activity, food and something fun for the entire family. It looks something like this…


It takes endurance to keep up with a 3 year old, so we take our health very seriously. Although Nashville is a haven for every fitness craze, these workouts carry a hefty price tag of over $100 per month per member. These aren’t realistic options for most families. 

The Hale’s are all about the free workout! If we wake up on time, you can find us smashing the circuit training workout in Rivergate at WholesaleFit with trainer and auto salesmen Derrick Wilson. If we miss the morning workout, on Mondays and Thursdays, we’ll catch the Capitol Steps Workout lead by Ironman James Crumlin. 


Our favorite family activity is turning up at the Downtown Library. This place is like a baby casino. When we’re in the Downtown Library, we lose all perception of time. We read, watch puppet shows, create our own puppet shows, wall climb, hit the Nashville Skyline playground, complete learning activities on the tablets and have snack in the courtyard. 


After all this ‘fun’, dad needs a cocktail and mom needs dad to have a cocktail too. Our favorite happy hours are Sedona and the GOAT (both in Germantown.) What Germantown lacks in affordable housing, they TRY and make up for in great happy hours. 


This post is representative of one day of fun and is not intended to be exhaustive. We left out a ton of family-fun options including Nashville’s amazing parks (Dragon Park is one our favorites), free events at the Frist and the kid bday party invites resting unopened in your inbox. What’s better than your kid having fun on another parent’s dime?

Lastly, our family is excited to announce the upcoming release of kBCoins, our first financial education program for families. kBCoins is a fun and interactive option for initiating conversations about money at home. It makes for a great weekend family activity. Check out https://kbcoins.money/ for more info on kbCoins.



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