24 Hours In Nashville: From A Blogger Loving Nashville’s It City Vibes


Melissa Watkins is a social media strategist, author, and editor-in-chief of Fab Glance Nashville, a fashion and lifestyle blog.

Why is Melissa lovin’ Nashville right now? 

I’m loving Nashville for its growth. I’m from the northeast and came here to attend Tennessee State University. I’m used to bigger cities and more of a metropolitan feel. Nashville is at a point where it still has that Southern hospitality with a lot of metropolitan options. Nashville’s growth has led to other positive things for the city like bigger business and more diversity.    


I am a slow-starter in the morning, so I need my coffee. I love going to White Bison on Centennial Boulevard. It’s really nice, has its own wifi, and they have awesome cold brew! I think they’re the best option for super fast coffee that also taste really good. I also love a good morning meditation and a little bit of writing to start my day.    


May through November is prime time for hiking, so I usually walk one of the trails at Radnor Lake with a friend. I like a 1 to 2 mile trail just to get the heart pumping. I really like being outside, so I prefer outdoor workouts to traditional workout classes. If you’re a new hiker, you won’t feel lost along the lake trail. After I’ve hiked up an appetite, I like Cafe Coco for a good lunch spot. It’s very artsy and eclectic with super great sandwiches and salads. It’s also vegetarian friendly. I recommend the Turkey Rock sandwich because who wouldn’t love a sandwich with spinach-artichoke dip on it!      


Lately, I’ve been really in to sushi. I like Nomzilla in East Nashville. It will fill you up, it’s affordable, and a great place to just sit and chat with friends. They have traditional Asian food, but they also have classic options like friend rice and tempura for your friends who are a little picky. It’s a place where everyone can eat something they like and feel a part of the party!      

Late Night

Fox’s Donut Den is a great place for a late night sweet treat because they’re open until midnight. Being from the northeast, I can be a bit critical about donuts but I love taking people there for a good donut. Also, for another late night hangout, I like Dino’s in East Nashville. It’s super inconspicuous and almost looks closed from the outside, but it has the best food for when you’ve been out all night. 

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