24 Hours In Nashville: Family Fun And Healthy Eats


Brian Sexton is the founder and executive director of Creative’s Day

Why is Brian lovin’ Nashville right now?

I’m loving Nashville’s emerging music scene. Emerging can sound pretty vague, but it seems like now, more so than ever, with the continuing growth of technology Nashville’s young soul and R&B artists are getting a new level of exposure. Outlets like Urbaanite and other media sources are really starting to hone in on Nashville’s music scene. I enjoy listening to independent artists and actually listen to them more than established commercial artists. My Spotify recap of the year is filled with artists that are here in my backyard.        


My mornings are all about maintenance of self. I start my day by waking up and doing meditations. I have speakers all around the house, and you’ll hear everything from gospel music to Frozen because I have two daughters. I use the music to wake them up and help start their day off right. My wife and I usually tag team in the morning with getting my daughters ready. If we’re not cooking, we love First Watch. First Watch is a really good spot that’s right here in our community. We’re all about healthy experiences in my family and First Watch is big on veggies and healthier meal options. 


My family really enjoys arts and entertainment and loves any activity that allows us to be together. We like to go to Adventure Science Center. It gives my daughters a space to cultivate and create new things and that brings joy to my wife and I.    


For dinner, I prefer to eat at local spots. My family loves Nectar Urban Cantina. They make the best authentic Mexican food ever! It’s definitely a place where we can go to enjoy ourselves and no one is picky about what they will and won’t eat. The drinks and food are really good. The dishes are pretty healthy because the meals lean more toward vegetarian cuisine. If you can take a kid somewhere and they clean their plate and it’s vegetarian, you’re winning.  


My wife and I throw events under the company R&Bae where we can have R&B only parties. We use that time to go out and enjoy each other’s company. 

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