24 Hours In Nashville: From A Yogi Bringing Tranquility To The City

Ashley James is an entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, wife, and co-owner of TRILUNA Wellness and Events, an experiential wellness company that promotes healthy living through movement and cooking.

Why is Ashley lovin’ Nashville right now?

I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and have stayed in the area ever since. Nashville is where I discovered yoga. I received my first certification in 2014 while still working in corporate America. In 2017, I made the decision to leave corporate America to go into health and wellness full time. After that, TRILUNA was born. My business partner and I saw TRILUNA as the perfect opportunity to promote diversity in both the yoga and corporate worlds and figured Nashville would be the perfect location to start. TRILUNA will be a year-old next month. We’ve grown in this community, and we’re very thankful for that. Nashville has been very receptive to our mission at TRILUNA and I am forever grateful for that.


I am an early bird. My ideal Saturday starts around 7:30am. My husband and I go on walks around our neighborhood. We always try to do those early before it gets too hot and we’ll try to stay out for 30 minutes. I usually try to go to yoga on Saturdays. I like to go to my home studio in East Nashville called Kali Yuga Yoga. It’s one of the first studios I’ve been to in Nashville and it’s where I got my certification.


If I’m lucky, my husband will go with me. If not, he will meet me at one of our favorite spots, The Post East. It’s a wonderful café. It has food, smoothies, coffee, and sometimes we use it as a work space. If we’re feeling fancy, we might go to Liberty Common or a new restaurant we haven’t tried. I usually go back home and take some time to myself while my husband works. That usually includes binge-watching some of my new favorite shows on Netflix or reading a book. I also recently just got into puzzles. It helps me to not stay on my phone as much. However, if I’m not doing any of that, I’ll sleep!


I love meeting up with my girls in the evening. We love staying in the loop about nightlife. We always say that if you haven’t been to The Boom Bap, you are doing yourself an injustice. It is one of our favorite events in Nashville. The Boom Bap is so eclectic and diverse. There’s always good music and good energy. If I have friends visiting, I always try to take them The Boom Bap.

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