Urban Digital

Urban Digital brings the unconventional entrepreneur, maker and creator together for a day of learning, collaborating and real life tactics to build the business lifestyle they want. 

Originally created by Urbaanite to help address the needs of African American entrepreneurs we shared throughout the year on our digital platform. It has turned into an intimate event connecting diverse cultures of like-minded creatives under the roof of a well designed venue space. 

Who is the unconventional entrepreneur, maker or creator?

  • They are the ones who don’t meet the status quo of what an entrepreneur should be or look like
  • They are up for doing things different to get results
  • They may have a main gig but pursue their passion at all cost
  • They embrace their own culture while welcoming diverse communities to be a part of their journey
  • They believe in the power of digital, understand print isn’t dead and see the always present need for face to face connection
  • They may not identify with all that is presented above but have a willingness to learn and step outside their comfort zone in order to win.





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