Our Look At The Faces of Tech In Nashville

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When you think about technology and the world wide web (www.) what pops in your head first…Mark Zuckerberg, Google, Snapchat, your favorite blogger or most sacred treasure, your iPhone:). Well, Urbaanite along with the folks at¬†The Entrepreneur Center (The EC)¬†wanted to share a new side of what tech life looks like in Nashville. We caught up with a rockstar lineup of local black entrepreneurs changing the tech game in the city that also call The EC “home”. They are living and breathing this entrepreneur life and loving every second. From having real-life Shark Tank style experiences, receiving key investors to going after their dream solo-dolo. Check out their story and how The EC played a role in their business via the video then scroll down to read their individual stories. It’s some good stuff!

Oh and if you are ready to create something in Nashville, The Entrepreneur Center has tons of resources, tools and people who want to help. They are also looking for their 2017 Entrepreneur In Residence through the Code2040 initiative. You can apply by visiting HERE.



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We share Nashville through the eyes of local African-American entrepreneurs and tastemakers in the city. We love authentic stories, beautiful images and awesome locals willing to share their Nashville.

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