“Nashville is a city experiencing rapid growth, and where there’s growth, there’s opportunity. I’m lovin’ the many opportunities that exist in Nashville and I look forward to helping urban communities benefit from them.”


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” It helps me see the opportunity instead of the problem; the good in a person instead of the negative; the humanity that comes from tragedy; and knowing that we are all one.”

“I am where I am today by trial and error. I got started by stepping out of my comfort zone, asking for guidance, and not being afraid to fail.”


“We are in the new wave of entrepreneurs who are re-imagining daily life, creating services that make work and play simpler, better and more satisfying.”


“Innovation is rewarded, but Execution is worshipped.”


“My journey really started by coming from a family of artists, musicians and public speakers. The arts are not only a part of my life, they are intrinsic to it.”


“The college environment gave me insight into the power and creativity of young people and our potential to work together to change the world.”


“We want to develop plans to continue exposing local youth and minorities to STEM careers. By doing so, we hope they will consider a STEM profession.”


“I try to tell the unique and individual stories of my clients by photographing them in their element”